Polished Nail Bar’s Quarantine Nail Care Tips

Valentine's Day offerings from Polished Nail Bar | Quarantine Nail Care Tips
We know we’re inching closer to being able to reopen, but we also know we still have a little time before it’s allowed. If your tips and toes need a little care to get you through until we can be back with you, here are a few more of our quarantine nail care tips (on top of the ones we posted previously). Keep your nails short.This may be easier said than done, and it may not be your usual style. But short nails aren’t as prone to breakage. Breakage leads to picking. Picking leads to tears which can easily get infected. And we’re pretty sure we can all agree that lessening chances of any type of infection is paramount right now. Keep your hands, feet, and nails moisturized.Cuticle oil, coconut oil, or olive oil are great for your nails, and any sort of hand cream will work for your hands

Need Nail Polish Storage at Home?

A while back, we posted a DIY nail polish storage idea using an Ikea spice rack and some paint.  Well, now we’ve found an even cheaper and easier idea for you! According to DIYnCrafts.com, a hanging jewelry holder or shoe holder can offer nail polish storage and organization.  You can hang them in your closet or on the backs of closet or bathroom doors.  Organizing can be done by brand or color – whatever works best for you!  The best part?  These jewelry and show holders can be found on the cheap at places like Dollar General, The Dollar Store and Family Dollar, so your new nail polish storage and organization system doesn’t have to break the bank! Need polishes to fill your hanging nail polish storage system?  Head to your nearest Polished Nail Bar!  As OPI and Essie authorized salons, we’ll always have the latest and greatest colored offered!

DIY Nail Polish Marbled Planters

We know we have some crafty weekend warriors amongst our readers.  And we’ve found another DIY project for you! Nail polish marbled planters! Since Fall is upon us, it’s time to change up the plants decorating our yards, porches, patios and balconies.  Why not change up the planters, too?  We found this post on HelloNatural.co on how to make marbled planters using just nail polish and a bucket of water. The basic steps are: Half fill a bucket with room-temperature water. Pour in the colors of nail polish you’d like to color your planter with. Dip the planter in the bucket to cover with the polish. Be sure to read the full post for all of the instructions.  And if you need nail polish to complete the project, visit your nearest Polished Nail Bar for a slew of nail polish colors!

DIY – Marbled Paper Using Leftover Nail Polish

In another one of our “new use for leftover nail polish” finds, we’re excited to bring you… MARBLED PAPER! Marbled papers can be used in creating custom cards, as mattes and backgrounds for framed pieces and more.  Since each piece of paper comes out a little different, every piece is unique to its application!  So without further adieu, are the basics of how to do it: Put water in a shallow container. Drizzle your nail polish colors into the water. Swirl the colors together. Put your paper in the water and press to make sure it all gets a bit of color. Remove the paper from the water and set aside to dry. For full instructions, see the post on the Stamp Away With Me blog.  And if you need colors to use to make your marbled paper perfect, visit your nearest Polished Nail Bar – as authorized OPI and
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