Get Your Summer Look with Eyelash Extensions

Ahhhhhh, summer.  A time for pool parties and socializing, hot looks and minimal makeup.  Make sure you look your best with eye-popping lashes when you take off your sunnies! Eyelash extensions give you a feminine look without the need for mascara.  This means no raccoon eyes when you’ve been in the sun for a while or when you’ve taken a dip in the pool. Eyelash extensions also give you the gift of time.  The less time you have to spend “putting on your face,” the more time you have to hang with your friends! Polished is proud to offer mink eyelash extensions.  These are harvested simply by brushing minks, so no animals are harmed in their making.  Plus you get the benefit of having natural eyelash extensions instead of synthetic, man-made materials near your eyes. Call us today for your eyelash extension appointment!

Hello, Eyes!

Let’s face it.  With lows in the 20s and 30s, when you’re getting ready to go to work in the mornings or go out at night, bundling up may leave your eyes as about the only thing showing.  Keeping your brows groomed and making your lashes gorgeous can make your eyes stand out.  And Polished has the answer for both! Obviously, we can help you keep your brows groomed with our waxing service.  But how can we make your lashes gorgeous? With our mink eyelash extensions, of course! Mink eyelash extensions are made from hairs combed from minks.  They are lush and full, which give your eyes that “wow factor”.  They’re adhered to your natural lashes, so they’re more comfortable than “fake” lashes.  But that also means they shed with your natural lashes, so you’ll need regular fills.  However, you’ll no longer need mascara, so no more raccoon eyes when

Another Mink Eyelash Fan – Heidi Klum

We’ve found another celeb fan of mink eyelashes – Heidi Klum! We’ve been getting rave reviews about our mink eyelash extensions, with some of our clients driving for hours!  Pricing for our mink eyelashes is: Full set of eyelashes  – $200 Eyelash fill-in – $75 For more information on our mink eyelash service, check out our mink eyelashes page.  Ready to get your eyes beautiful?  Visit your nearest Polished location!

Mink Eyelashes Review

Since we began offering mink eyelashes, we’ve been keeping an eye on what those around the Internet have to say about them.  We came across this post on  It gives a great breakdown of the before, during and after of the process! Please note: The prices listed in the post are for a salon in New York City.  To check out our prices, see our Mink Eyelashes page.  When you’re ready to get mink eyelashes of your own, visit the Polished Nail Bar closest to you!
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