Are You A Nail Biter? Tips to Stop Nail Biting

If you’re a nail biter, getting a manicure can seem like a waste of money.  But did you know that keeping your nails groomed and looking good can actually help you break the habit? Here are some other tips to help you stop your nail biting. Wear fake nails like acrylics, gels or wraps. They look great but also don’t allow you access to your real nails. Find a new habit. When you find yourself biting your nails – or wanting to bite your nails – distract yourself with something healthier. Relax. For many, nail biting is a way to relieve stress. If this is you, there are a ton of relaxation and meditation techniques that allow you to relieve stress without biting your nails. Use a deterrent. If you find yourself biting your nails despite investing in manicures or trying to distract yourself, head to the drugstore. There are

Valentine’s Day: A Time to Treat Yo’Self

Whether you’re single or attached, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to treat yourself!  And Polished Nail Bar is the perfect place to do just that! If a good mani or pedi fits your definition of a treat, we’ve got a whole slew “Valentine’s Day shades” of reds and pinks in traditional polishes and in gel polishes.  Need some inspiration?  Check out our Great Colors board on Pinterest.  If nail art is more your style, you can get your inspiration on our Holiday Nails board, too. Want a little more?  We also offer great facials customized to your skin’s needs for a pampering experience.  If you want to up your game and make your eyes pop, check out our mink eyelashes, too. If your treat includes a little time with your significant other or your kids, we’ve got you covered there, too.  In addition to the great services we offer

Get Your Mani/Pedi Noticed with the Essie 2015 Neon Collection

Brighten up your tips and toes!  The Essie 2015 neon collection brings you some great colors to do just that! On its website, Essie says of the collection: “whether you sway towards boho romance or have a penchant for punk, music festivals are the perfect place to showcase your edgiest looks. and what goes better with wristbands than shades – of polish, of course? nothing. so, get ready to make your stylish mark and stand out in the crowd with street style ready, eye-catching essie neons. let’s be honest: the music is just an excuse to get together and look fabulous!” Colors in the Essie 2015 neon collection include: Make Some Noise – a bright electric blue Melody Maker – a deep teal Coacha’bella – a see-you-coming magenta All Access Pass – a violet ingigo Groove is in the Heart – a peachy pink neon Vibrant Vibes – a vivid

Nail Polish Color Therapy

Everyone knows that color affects mood. It’s the premise behind why companies choose their logo and decor colors as they do, why fashion trends towards one color over another every season, and so on. And thanks to this image we found on Pinterest, we can now share with you the same when it comes to nail polish color therapy! So weigh in… Do these ideas or feelings pass through your head when you’re choosing your mani or pedi color?