New Eyebrow Trend: No Brows?

In a recent article on the Daily Mail, a new eyebrow trend was revealed – that of completely bleaching brows instead of grooming or waxing them. According to the article, stars like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and Kendall Jenner have been spotted stepping out with bleached brows.  Model Lara Stone is practically known for her non-existent brows.  The article also mentions that getting rid of brows gives women’s faces a blank slate of sorts when it comes to makeup. Let’s face it, though… In the “real world”, there are very few women that can pull off a bleached-brow look.  Fortunately for you, Polished Nail Bar offers eyebrow waxing services at all of our Charlotte-area locations.  Our technicians can work with you on the eyebrow look you want to achieve. Visit your nearest Polished Nail Bar for a brow wax today!

Did You See Lauren Conrad’s Unibrow?

Us Weekly recently shared this photo of Lauren Conrad sporting a unibrow.  Now, we know we’ve reported that strong brows are the trend this spring, but this seems to be a little overboard.  Don’t you think? Luckily, the Lauren Conrad’s unibrow was just the result of her hairstylist having a little fun with some leftover extensions, and the look was only temporary for the star. If nature blessed you with a unibrow, though, that’s not a look you have to sport!  Visit your nearest Polished Nail Bar and let one of our talented wax technicians give your brows a great shape!

Have You Heard of Browstaches?

In one of our more hysterical findings, we’ve come across a Tumblr feed called Browstache. The creation of Sam Cannon, the Browstache feed features pictures and GIFs that Cannon has manipulated to make stars’ eyebrows into mustaches on their faces. While this isn’t a service we offer, we can help you keep your brows in shape, so your browstache will at least be in good shape if you find yourself with one!  Visit your nearest Polished Nail Bar for a brow waxing today!

Spring Trend: Strong Brows

This spring, strong brows like those adorning model Cara Levigne’s face will be all the rage.  But strong brows do NOT equal unkempt brows! Keep your brows in top-notch shape with our brow waxing service.  We suggest getting your brows waxed every two to three weeks.  You’ll know when it’s time when you see small hairs coming through. Get your brows ready to rock the strong-brow trend with a visit to your nearest Polished Nail Bar!
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