Daria S.

Polished is really great. My nails always look absolutely perfect when i go there and they always know exactly what i want when i explain it. Also the employees and owners couldn’t be nicer. I go to polished all of the time and i can’t wait to make an appointment for my next visit.I have being going to polished for years now and i plan to go there for many years more. It is a great atmosphere and is a very relaxing place to be. I love how modern and inviting it looks. The owner is absolutely wonderful and is very enjoyable to talk to. She remembers everything i tell her and asks me about things going on in my life every time i go. She is so pleasant and has very good control of the place. If any of the employees are not doing a good job or are rude to a customer she gets rid of them right away. I enjoy going there and I look forward to being treated by the polished family.

No Mask, No Entry • No Outside Food or Beverages