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DIY – Marbled Paper Using Leftover Nail Polish

In another one of our “new use for leftover nail polish” finds, we’re excited to bring you… MARBLED PAPER!

Marbled papers can be used in creating custom cards, as mattes and backgrounds for framed pieces and more.  Since each piece of paper comes out a little different, every piece is unique to its application!  So without further adieu, are the basics of how to do it:

  • Put water in a shallow container.
  • Drizzle your nail polish colors into the water.
  • Swirl the colors together.
  • Put your paper in the water and press to make sure it all gets a bit of color.
  • Remove the paper from the water and set aside to dry.

For full instructions, see the post on the Stamp Away With Me blog.  And if you need colors to use to make your marbled paper perfect, visit your nearest Polished Nail Bar – as authorized OPI and Essie salons, we have a great variety of colors!