DIY Nail Polish Marbled Planters

We know we have some crafty weekend warriors amongst our readers.  And we’ve found another DIY project for you! Nail polish marbled planters!

Since Fall is upon us, it’s time to change up the plants decorating our yards, porches, patios and balconies.  Why not change up the planters, too?  We found this post on on how to make marbled planters using just nail polish and a bucket of water.

The basic steps are:

  • Half fill a bucket with room-temperature water.
  • Pour in the colors of nail polish you’d like to color your planter with.
  • Dip the planter in the bucket to cover with the polish.

Be sure to read the full post for all of the instructions.  And if you need nail polish to complete the project, visit your nearest Polished Nail Bar for a slew of nail polish colors!

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