DIY Nail Polish Storage

How many nail polishes do you have?  How many of those nail polishes need a home within your home?  Never fear – we have the answer for you!

In yet another of our Pinterest finds, we’ve come across an easy, cheap way to make your own nail polish storage!  Here are the general steps:

  • Buy BEVKAM spice racks from Ikea.  (Online, they’re marked $3.99 each.)
  • Buy your choice of craft paint colors and foam brushes.
  • Paint the spice racks.
  • Assemble the spice racks.
  • Hang the spice racks.
  • Fill the racks with your polishes!

Seems easy peasy!  For full instructions, check out this post from  And if you need polishes to fill your shelves, head to your nearest Polished Nail Bar!  As OPI and Essie authorized salons, we’ll always have the latest and greatest colored offered!

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