Essie Neon 2016 Collection: Eye-Opening & Breathtakingly Vivid

Essie Neon 2016 Collection Polished Nail Bar Charlotte NCThe Essie Neon 2016 Collection can be summed up in one word: electric.

On its website, Essie says of the collection: “miami’s wynwood walls are the muse for my neons 2016 collection, featuring an eye-opening and breathtaking vivid pigment palette in a new formula with FDA compliant ingredients. Bright. Dazzling. Electrifying. Let my new neon collection take you to a shocking new level of color. ”

Colors in the Essie Neon 2016 Collection include:

  • off the wall – a shocking pink
  • the fuschia of art – a rich, vivid magenta
  • gallery gal – a vivacious coral pink
  • mark on miami – a vibrant ember orange
  • stencil me in – an edgy citrus lime
  • in it to win it – an electric turquoise
  • prime & pop – a two-in-one white primer and base coat

As an authorized Essie salon, Polished Nail Bar is guaranteed to have these new shades, as well as all your Essie faves. Head to the nearest Polished salon to bring the art world to your mani/pedi!


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