Get Wild with the Essie Wild Nudes 2017 Collection

essie wild nudes collection at polished nail bar in charlotte ncThe Essie Wild Nudes 2017 Collection tones things down but keeps things interesting!

On its website, Essie says of the collection: “bare with me. come take a walk on the wild side and embrace your inner nudist. as we dance in the moonlight and become one with nature, beyond this point it’s clothing optional. so let’s get cozy without a stitch and play truth or bare. if the leaf fits, wear it – or you’ll be full mooning. choose to dare and be exposed? time to skinny dip and go on a winning streak with my wild nude shades.”

Colors in theEssie Wild Nudes 2017 Collection include:

  • without a stitch – a light gray
  • mooning – a shadowy light blue
  • exposed – a mossy green
  • truth or bare – a light cinnamon brown
  • clothing optional – a natural sienna brown
  • winning streak – a grayish purple
  • skinny dip – a light peach pink
  • bare with me – an apricot tone
  • wild nude – a light tan

As an authorized Essie salon, Polished Nail Bar is guaranteed to have these new shades, as well as all your Essie faves. Head to the nearest Polished salon to bring the art world to your mani/pedi!


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