NEW! Essie’s Neon Collection

essie neon collectionEssie’s at it again! If you like bright brights or if you like for your nails to get noticed, Essie’s Neon Collection is for you! Colors include:

  • Too Taboo – a vivid intense fuchsia
  • Chills and Thrills – a supercharged neon blue violet
  • I’m Addicted – a decorum-defying neon aquamarine blue
  • Vices Versa – a juicy neon lime
  • Serial Shopper – a florescent fire coral
  • Sittin’ Pretty – a florescent berry hibiscus

Ready for a look-at-me mani or pedi?  Head to the nearest Polished Nail Bar NOW to have these hot shades hit your tips and toes!

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