Are You A Nail Biter? Tips to Stop Nail Biting

nail bitingIf you’re a nail biter, getting a manicure can seem like a waste of money.  But did you know that keeping your nails groomed and looking good can actually help you break the habit? Here are some other tips to help you stop your nail biting.

  • Wear fake nails like acrylics, gels or wraps. They look great but also don’t allow you access to your real nails.
  • Find a new habit. When you find yourself biting your nails – or wanting to bite your nails – distract yourself with something healthier.
  • Relax. For many, nail biting is a way to relieve stress. If this is you, there are a ton of relaxation and meditation techniques that allow you to relieve stress without biting your nails.
  • Use a deterrent. If you find yourself biting your nails despite investing in manicures or trying to distract yourself, head to the drugstore. There are aisles of anti-nail biting products that taste bad so you no longer want to put your fingers in your mouth.

Make a plan to visit your nearest Polished Nail Bar for a beautiful mani today! We’ll make your nails look great while you’re kicking the habit and well after you’re over it!

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  1. Marisol says:

    I can’t stop biting my nails so my boyfriend took me to go and get my nails done and it really works

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