The Glitz and Glam of the OPI Shine Bright Collection

OPI Shine Bright Collection | Polished Nail Bar
The 2020 holiday season just got brighter, thanks to OPI and Swarovski. The OPI Shine Bright Collection brings glitz and glam to your fingertips. The colors in the OPI Shine Bright Collection include: Naughty or Ice? Snowfalling for You This Shade is Ornamental! Dressed to the Wines This Gold Sleighs Me Gingerbread Man Can Merry in Cranberry Red-y for the Holidays Let’s Take an Elfie Tinsel, Tinsel ‘Lil Star To All a Good Night Heart and Coal All A’twitter in Glitter Bling it On! Putting on the Glitz As an authorized OPI salon, Polished Nail Bar will have these new shades, as well as all your favorite OPI colors. Choose from classic Nail Lacquer, Infinite Shine, GelColor, and Powder Perfection. Head to the nearest Polished salon to nail your holiday nail look with OPI! Image via

See the Light with the OPI Hidden Prism Collection

OPI Hidden Prism Collection | Polished Nail Bar | Charlotte and Raleigh
The colors of the OPI Hidden Prism Collection offer a glittering rainbow of iridescence, just in time for summer! The colors in the OPI Hidden Prism Collection include: Coral Chroma Optical Illus-sun Your Lime to Shine Prismatic Fanatic Feeling Optimprismic Rainbows in Your Fuschia Ray-diance Magic Hour She’s a Prismaniac Rainbows a Go-Go Pigment of My Imagination Gleam On! As an authorized OPI salon, Polished Nail Bar will have these new shades, as well as all your favorite OPI colors. Choose from classic Nail Lacquer, Infinite Shine and GelColor. Head to the nearest Polished salon for this summer nail look! Image via

Polished Nail Bar’s Quarantine Nail Care Tips

Valentine's Day offerings from Polished Nail Bar | Quarantine Nail Care Tips
We know we’re inching closer to being able to reopen, but we also know we still have a little time before it’s allowed. If your tips and toes need a little care to get you through until we can be back with you, here are a few more of our quarantine nail care tips (on top of the ones we posted previously). Keep your nails short.This may be easier said than done, and it may not be your usual style. But short nails aren’t as prone to breakage. Breakage leads to picking. Picking leads to tears which can easily get infected. And we’re pretty sure we can all agree that lessening chances of any type of infection is paramount right now. Keep your hands, feet, and nails moisturized.Cuticle oil, coconut oil, or olive oil are great for your nails, and any sort of hand cream will work for your hands

Nail Care Tips During Self-Isolation

SNS and dipping powder nails at Polished Nail Bar
You got your nails done. All was great. Then we’re now under self-isolation, with salons required to close until further notice as of 5pm on March 23rd. (We were proactive and closed all of our salons earlier for the safety of our clients and staff.) So how should you care for your nails during this time? Our general nail care tips stay the same, though they may be even more important now. After hand washing, slather your hands in moisturizer. And since we’re all washing our hands a lot more often (right?!?!?!?), dry skin is at a higher potential than usual. At night, rub cuticle oil (or olive oil if you’re in a pinch) in to your cuticles. Use rubber gloves when washing dishes. Limit time spent in hot showers or tubs. Do not tear or bite off hang nails.  We’re supposed to be keeping our hands away from our faces anyway, and definitely
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