Nail Care Tips During Self-Isolation

SNS and dipping powder nails at Polished Nail BarYou got your nails done. All was great. Then we’re now under self-isolation, with salons required to close until further notice as of 5pm on March 23rd. (We were proactive and closed all of our salons earlier for the safety of our clients and staff.) So how should you care for your nails during this time? Our general nail care tips stay the same, though they may be even more important now.

  • After hand washing, slather your hands in moisturizer. And since we’re all washing our hands a lot more often (right?!?!?!?), dry skin is at a higher potential than usual.
  • At night, rub cuticle oil (or olive oil if you’re in a pinch) in to your cuticles.
  • Use rubber gloves when washing dishes.
  • Limit time spent in hot showers or tubs.
  • Do not tear or bite off hang nails.  We’re supposed to be keeping our hands away from our faces anyway, and definitely out of our mouths. This also leaves you vulnerable to infections at the hang nail site.

Now what are you to do when your latest SNS or gel manicure starts to look a little haggard while we’re still in self isolation? Here are instructions for their safe removal.

  • Put a paper towel in the bottom of a bowl.
  • Add warm water and pure acetone to the bowl. (Make sure it’s pure acetone. This can be purchased at places like Home Depot, Target, or Walmart, or you can order it online via Amazon or other outlets.)
  • Buff off the top layer of the manicure.
  • Put your hands in the bowl and soak.
  • Scrape polish to remove. Repeat the soaking and scraping as necessary.
  • Moisturize nails and nail beds when complete.

We hope everyone is staying safe out there, and we hope to see you sooner than later!

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