Polished Nail Bar’s Quarantine Nail Care Tips

Valentine's Day offerings from Polished Nail Bar | Quarantine Nail Care Tips

We know we’re inching closer to being able to reopen, but we also know we still have a little time before it’s allowed. If your tips and toes need a little care to get you through until we can be back with you, here are a few more of our quarantine nail care tips (on top of the ones we posted previously).

Keep your nails short.
This may be easier said than done, and it may not be your usual style. But short nails aren’t as prone to breakage. Breakage leads to picking. Picking leads to tears which can easily get infected. And we’re pretty sure we can all agree that lessening chances of any type of infection is paramount right now.

Keep your hands, feet, and nails moisturized.
Cuticle oil, coconut oil, or olive oil are great for your nails, and any sort of hand cream will work for your hands and feet. Get the most out of your moisturizing time by adding gloves and socks to keep the moisture in.

Push back cuticles, don’t cut them.
Yes, yes. Cutting your cuticles can be oddly satisfying. But this is not the time. Again, since cuticles’ whole job is to keep germs from invading your nail bed, cutting them can invite infection. Instead, simply push them back to keep yourself safe.

Keep your nails strong.
Use a base coat or nail strengthener at a minimum. This will help keep your nails from breaking but also give them a little shine.

Play with color, if you’d like.
If you can’t bear to go bare, now’s a good time to play. Want to keep folks from noticing your nails (even if those folks are only the people you live with right now)? Stick with a neutral shade for your mani or pedi. But if you’re normally under restrictions (or feel like you are) with what colors fit for your job and/or your lifestyle, now’s your time to shine! Give yourself an accent nail. Play with neons or brighter shades than normal. Do some DIY nail art. We’re on board for whatever makes you feel good!

As we’ve mentioned, we’ll be posting here on our website, as well as on our Instagram and Facebook pages (Charlotte area and Raleigh) when we know about reopening. So be sure to keep an eye out. Until we can see you again, stay safe and stay healthy.

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