The Process of Opening A Polished Nail Bar

Polished Nail Bar WaverlyWe’ve been asked a lot lately when our Waverly location is going to open and why it’s taking so long. So we thought we’d lay out the process for opening a Polished Nail Bar location to hopefully shed some light on the subject.

The first step in opening a new salon is obviously picking a location. Once we’ve determined what area we want to be in, found a space, gotten all the paperwork in order, and taken over the space, we start the permitting process. This can be a long process, depending on how backlogged the department is. And so at step one, we’ve already hit our first potential delay in the construction process.

As we’re getting permitting, we’re giving our contractors the heads up on the work that’s coming so they can be looking at their schedules and when they can fit us in. But we can’t actually schedule the work until the permits come through. If the first round of contractors are booked when the permits are officially released, we have to wait until they can work us in. Potential delay #2.

Once we get construction started and the first round of contractors are finishing up their work, we give the city a call to get on the inspectors’ schedule, as all work has to be inspected and approved before the next round of work can begin. When the inspection is scheduled, one of three things can happen:

  1. The inspector runs behind and has to reschedule.
  2. The inspector comes but finds fixes that need to be made.
  3. The inspector comes and approves the work, so the next round of work can begin.

If items #1 or #2 happen, we’re delayed again. If it’s #1, we can hit another delay if #2 happens when the inspector gets to us. If it’s #2, we’re in a loop of items #1 and #2 (plus the time of getting on the contractors’ schedules for the fixes AND getting the fixes done) until everything is approved. Then we get to go through the next round of permitting and start the process again.

This is how things go until all work is complete and we’re given the ok from the city to open.

As you can see, there are a lot of elements out of our hands and control. We hope everyone knows we’re just as excited and anxious to get our new location open as you! Keep your fingers crossed for smooth sailing so that we can open and serve you as soon as possible!

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