New Hot Nail Colors

20 new hot nail colors as seen on  Rock the Essie & OPI shades with your next visit to Polished Nail Bar.

Tie Dye Nail Trend

Pics of tie dye nails are popping up all over Pinterest!  Ready to rock this trend?  Try it out on your next visit to Polished Nail Bar!

A Twist on the Classic – The New French Manicure

A couple months ago, Khloe Kardashian tweeted a picture of her new manicure – a cross between a French manicure and a half-moon mani.  Want to try this trend?  Come for a manicure at Polished Nail Bar!

Little Known Fact

Although most products come with instructions to shake before use, nail polish isn’t one of them. Avoid treating your lacquer like maracas, lest you want an air-bubble mani. Instead, roll the bottle in your hands to warm and mix the color.