Don’t Cry Over Spilled Nail Polish!

It’s Sunday evening and you didn’t make it to Polished Nail Bar & Spa on Saturday afternoon like you wanted. You’re painting your toes while catching up on your DVR. You have one foot propped on the coffee table, the nail polish bottle just slightly out of reach. You stretch to refresh the brush when suddenly the bottle falls to the floor. You freeze. You gasp! You try and remedy the situation. You cry in defeat because now there is a permanent hot pink splotch in your white carpet. If this has ever happened to you, check out this helpful article from BellaSugar – “How to Get Nail Polish Off Just About Anything.” The best part is most materials react well to solvents that you already have around your home.

Ladies Night at La Paz!

La Paz Restaurante & Bar in the Metropolitan is having a Ladies Night this Wednesday! This is a great location and place to relax with a few of your friends on a Wednesday night. There aren’t too many summer nights left, so slip on a dress and a pair of heels and come on over! We’re giving away a FREE mani/pedi for one lucky lady to win from the raffle. You’ll receive five free raffle tickets when you arrive to place in any prize you’d like to win! Winners will be picked at the end of the night. Come out for a night of fun, beverages, lovely ladies, and prizes! We’d love to see your pictures from the event! Send them to us or share them on any of our social media platforms!

Keep Calm and Tap On!

We love our fans and are excited to be giving away one FREE iPad 3 to one of you! We appreciate the support and cannot thank you all enough! You all have helped make us who we are today. We can’t wait to see you tapping away on your iPad while getting a mani or pedi at one of our locations! Reading the news, Facebooking, and emailing couldn’t be easier! Signing up for a chance to win the iPad is as easy as: 1-Go to 2-‘Like’ our page [if you already have, skip this step!] 3-Enter your email address, name, and agree to terms! Click Submit! Good luck! Make sure to enter by Sept. 14! We’ll announce the winner via email on Sept. 17 and they will have until Sept. 28 to pick it up at our South End location!

Trends to Try!

Two-toned nail trends are a big hit in the manicure world right now. Adding a pop of color or a contrast color to your manicure brings a new twist to the way we look at nails. Any personality type, skin tone, or color preference can pull off this look. Choose a combination that will fit your style no matter what you wear. Putting glitter on one nail will give your manicure a glamourous look. This can work for any color you like! If you like nude colors, switch things up a bit with a pop of color. Red is in for the fall and spices up your look! Putting these two colors together is a great option to try! Vanessa Hudgens is rocking the dark colors with one nude color to contrast. She looks stunning with this trendy manicure!   There are so many different ways to try out this new trend and
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