Last Summer Mani!

As the days of summer are slipping away, so are the chances for a trendy manicure. Summer is a perfect time to test drive colors. Neons, pastels, and bold colors are great options for the summer because there are so many fun dresses and tops to match with your nails. As the temperatures drop, so do the shades of nail polish.  Get one more fun, bright manicure in before the fall season begins!   One of the most popular summer colors is “Bikini So Teeny” by essie. This blue seamlessly completes a look for the summer. Wear it with pinks, neudes, multicolored shirts and anything else you can think of! This shade will get noticed without being too bright, which makes it so versatile.   Fall colors are darker and warmer, so try a brighter color for your last summer manicure!
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